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Taking A Break From Motherhood: 3 Tips That Can Help

You need a break, and you need it badly.  A loved one that you trust stops by unexpectedly and decides that they wouldn’t mind watching your child for a few hours so you can get the break you need.  You become so excited that you almost jump into their arms because you’re filled with pure joy.  Then reality hits…taking a break isn’t that simple.

My Hair Growth Journey

After experiencing a major hair trimming fail, I was forced to began another hair growth journey.  I’m definitely upset about my bad experience, but I actually look forward to the journey ahead.  I believe my hair will grow back thicker and healthier now that I have 5 years worth of natural hair knowledge and pure trial and error under my belt.

3 Ways To Avoid A Hair Trim Failure

Ok y’all, I have to interrupt my scheduled posts to share with you my bad hair trim.  I went to a professional salon for a trim and it was a FAILURE!!!  My hair was practically waist length and now it’s armpit and bra strap length depending on where you stretch it.

 Below is a pic of me before my horrid trim.

365 Days Of Being Positive Change!

Most people have heard of the famous quote “Be The Change That You Wish To See In The World” by Gandhi?, but what if you were the change you wish to see in your life?  Yes, I’m talking about YOUR LIFE!!!

5 EASY Ways To Jumpstart Your New Year!


Happy New Year!  It’s the beginning of the year which usually means the beginning of a fresh new start for lots of people.