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About Shawna

 A Little Bit About Me

I’m a southern girl born and raised (on the Southeast is where I spend most of my days…lol.).  My hometown is Brunswick, GA.  We’re known for great seafood and our islands: St. Simons and Jekyll.  I also lived in Daytona Beach, FL for quite a bit of my life so it’s safe to say that I’m a beach girl.

I’m a new wife and Mom which means I’m constantly busy.  My husband is a health nut like me and knows a lot about herbs and juicing, but do not leave a Krispy Kreme honeybun within arms reach of him…CONSIDER THIS A WARNING!

Our son is a cute little chug-a-lug with cheeks I can kiss for days.  His smile melts my heart and I absolutely love the bond that he shares with his Dad.  As a bonus, my husband also blessed me with twin daughters that are about to start college.  I love that they accept me into their lives so effortlessly.

My Not So Healthy Past

I wasn’t always living a healthy lifestyle.  Fried foods, fast foods, and processed foods were a norm for me.  I stressed over minute things and I rarely treated myself or took a break to relax.  A very challenging teenage life even played a role in my unhealthy choices.

Horrible migraines, fibroid tumors, depression, and thinning hair plagued my life.  On top of all that I was not happy with my body weight and appearance.  It wasn’t until I had to have surgery to remove several fibroids, one as big as a grapefruit, that I decided to make a change.

My Current Healthy Lifestyle

I’m making good healthy improvements.  Vegetables are the bulk of my diet and I keep myself active with home workouts and yoga.  Working out and finding ways to relax really helps me maintain my stress level, and I’ve been using positive affirmations and ideas to transform my negative childhood into a positive outcome.

I no longer suffer from migraines, depression, or thinning hair, and the small fibroids that I currently have aren’t causing me any problems.  I’m at a healthy weight and I’m very happy with the body that I see in the mirror.  I’m humbly confident, and I truly believe that I can help you feel the same way too.

My Commitment To You

I will share positive and healthy solutions with YOU that worked for me as a mom, wife, and individual.  I’ll even give you access to my journey through motherhood, marriage, and self-love so you can see how I apply these solutions to my own life.

Consequently there isn’t a one size fit all guide to a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to tweak as you go in order to make some of these solutions work for you.   My hope is that the information I share on this blog is able to help you become a healthier mom, wife, and individual.  I’m eagerly looking forward to being a part of your healthy journey…let’s get started! 🙂